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HDF5 Tutorial

Topic Description
Introduction High Level introduction to HDF5. No programming required.
Tools Learn about HDFView and HDF5 command-line tools for viewing and editing file content. No programming required.
The Basics Learn about HDF5 data objects and file structure, HDF5 programming model and APIs, and tools for accessing HDF5 files.
High Level APIs Simplify steps for creating and reading datasets and attributes, and use templates for storing data: HDF5 Lite HDF5 Image HDF5 Table HDF5 Packet Table HDF5 Dimension Scale.
Advanced Topics Learn a few advanced topics. Also see "Examples by API" and Source Code examples on HDF5 Examples page.
Parallel HDF5 Learn about Parallel HDF5 design, using MPI with HDF5, accessing HDF5 files, using collective vs. independent I/O, and different ways of doing partial I/O. PREREQUISITE: The Basics

New Features

Major releases contain new features that required a format change. Each major release of HDF5 has new features in it that will not be readable by earlier releases. In general, HDF5 will read all objects that it can read and will indicate those that it cannot (without failing).


HDF5-1.10 contains several important new features. See the Download HDF5-1.10 page for an up-to-date list of the new features.

Tutorial topics are available for these features:


See the What's New in HDF5-1.8.0 page for new features in HDF5-1.8.

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