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HDF5  1.15.0
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Getting Started with HDF5

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Learning HDF5

There are several resources for learning about HDF5. The HDF Group provides an on-line HDF5 tutorial, documentation, examples, and videos. There are also tutorials provided by other organizations that are very useful for learning about HDF5.

The HDF Group Resources

For a quick introduction to HDF5 see the following:

Introduction to HDF5 A very brief introduction to HDF5 and the HDF5 programming model and APIs
Learning HDF5 with HDFView A tutorial for learning how to use HDFView. NO programming involved!
Learning the Basics Step by step instructions for learning HDF5 that include programming examples

The HDF Group Tutorials and Examples

These tutorials and examples are available for learning about the HDF5 High Level APIs, tools, Parallel HDF5, and the HDF5-1.10 VDS and SWMR new features:

Using the High Level APIs HDF5 Lite APIs (H5LT,H5LD) HDF5 Images API (H5IM) HDF5 Table APIs (H5TB) HDF5 Packet Table APIs (H5PT) HDF5 Dimension Scales APIs (H5DS)
A Brief Introduction to Parallel HDF5 A brief introduction to Parallel HDF5. If you are new to HDF5 please see the Learning the Basics topic first.
Tools for Viewing and Editing HDF5 Files
HDF5-1.10 New Features
Example Programs HDF5 Examples

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