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HDF5  1.15.0
API Reference
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DataSpace Class Reference

#include <c++/src/H5DataSpace.h>

Detailed Description

Class DataSpace inherits from IdComponent and provides wrappers for the HDF5's dataspaces.

+ Inheritance diagram for DataSpace:
+ Collaboration diagram for DataSpace:

Public Member Functions

 DataSpace (H5S_class_t type=H5S_SCALAR)
 DataSpace (int rank, const hsize_t *dims, const hsize_t *maxdims=NULL)
 DataSpace (const hid_t space_id)
 DataSpace (const DataSpace &original)
DataSpaceoperator= (const DataSpace &rhs)
virtual void close () override
void copy (const DataSpace &like_space)
void extentCopy (const DataSpace &dest_space) const
void getSelectBounds (hsize_t *start, hsize_t *end) const
hssize_t getSelectElemNpoints () const
void getSelectElemPointlist (hsize_t startpoint, hsize_t numpoints, hsize_t *buf) const
void getSelectHyperBlocklist (hsize_t startblock, hsize_t numblocks, hsize_t *buf) const
hssize_t getSelectHyperNblocks () const
hssize_t getSelectNpoints () const
int getSimpleExtentDims (hsize_t *dims, hsize_t *maxdims=NULL) const
int getSimpleExtentNdims () const
hssize_t getSimpleExtentNpoints () const
H5S_class_t getSimpleExtentType () const
bool isSimple () const
void offsetSimple (const hssize_t *offset) const
void selectAll () const
void selectElements (H5S_seloper_t op, const size_t num_elements, const hsize_t *coord) const
void selectHyperslab (H5S_seloper_t op, const hsize_t *count, const hsize_t *start, const hsize_t *stride=NULL, const hsize_t *block=NULL) const
void selectNone () const
bool selectValid () const
void setExtentNone () const
void setExtentSimple (int rank, const hsize_t *current_size, const hsize_t *maximum_size=NULL) const
virtual H5std_string fromClass () const override
 Returns this class name.
virtual hid_t getId () const override
virtual ~DataSpace () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
void incRefCount (const hid_t obj_id) const
void incRefCount () const
void decRefCount (const hid_t obj_id) const
void decRefCount () const
int getCounter (const hid_t obj_id) const
int getCounter () const
H5I_type_t getHDFObjType () const
IdComponentoperator= (const IdComponent &rhs)
void setId (const hid_t new_id)
H5std_string inMemFunc (const char *func_name) const
virtual ~IdComponent ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void deleteConstants ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
static H5I_type_t getHDFObjType (const hid_t obj_id)
static hsize_t getNumMembers (H5I_type_t type)
static bool isValid (hid_t an_id)
static bool typeExists (H5I_type_t type)

Static Public Attributes

static const DataSpaceALL
 Default DataSpace objects.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void p_setId (const hid_t new_id) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
 IdComponent ()
H5std_string p_get_file_name () const


void f_DataSpace_setId (DataSpace *dspace, hid_t new_id)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
static bool p_valid_id (const hid_t obj_id)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from IdComponent
static bool H5dontAtexit_called

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DataSpace() [1/4]

◆ DataSpace() [2/4]

DataSpace ( int  rank,
const hsize_t dims,
const hsize_t maxdims = NULL 

◆ DataSpace() [3/4]

DataSpace ( const hid_t  space_id)

◆ DataSpace() [4/4]

DataSpace ( const DataSpace original)

◆ ~DataSpace()

virtual ~DataSpace ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ close()

virtual void close ( )

Implements IdComponent.

◆ copy()

void copy ( const DataSpace like_space)

◆ deleteConstants()

static void deleteConstants ( )

◆ extentCopy()

void extentCopy ( const DataSpace dest_space) const

◆ fromClass()

virtual H5std_string fromClass ( ) const

Returns this class name.

Reimplemented from IdComponent.

◆ getId()

virtual hid_t getId ( ) const

Implements IdComponent.

◆ getSelectBounds()

void getSelectBounds ( hsize_t start,
hsize_t end 
) const

◆ getSelectElemNpoints()

hssize_t getSelectElemNpoints ( ) const

◆ getSelectElemPointlist()

void getSelectElemPointlist ( hsize_t  startpoint,
hsize_t  numpoints,
hsize_t buf 
) const

◆ getSelectHyperBlocklist()

void getSelectHyperBlocklist ( hsize_t  startblock,
hsize_t  numblocks,
hsize_t buf 
) const

◆ getSelectHyperNblocks()

hssize_t getSelectHyperNblocks ( ) const

◆ getSelectNpoints()

hssize_t getSelectNpoints ( ) const

◆ getSimpleExtentDims()

int getSimpleExtentDims ( hsize_t dims,
hsize_t maxdims = NULL 
) const

◆ getSimpleExtentNdims()

int getSimpleExtentNdims ( ) const

◆ getSimpleExtentNpoints()

hssize_t getSimpleExtentNpoints ( ) const

◆ getSimpleExtentType()

H5S_class_t getSimpleExtentType ( ) const

◆ isSimple()

bool isSimple ( ) const

◆ offsetSimple()

void offsetSimple ( const hssize_t offset) const

◆ operator=()

DataSpace & operator= ( const DataSpace rhs)

◆ p_setId()

virtual void p_setId ( const hid_t  new_id)

Implements IdComponent.

◆ selectAll()

void selectAll ( ) const

◆ selectElements()

void selectElements ( H5S_seloper_t  op,
const size_t  num_elements,
const hsize_t coord 
) const

◆ selectHyperslab()

void selectHyperslab ( H5S_seloper_t  op,
const hsize_t count,
const hsize_t start,
const hsize_t stride = NULL,
const hsize_t block = NULL 
) const

◆ selectNone()

void selectNone ( ) const

◆ selectValid()

bool selectValid ( ) const

◆ setExtentNone()

void setExtentNone ( ) const

◆ setExtentSimple()

void setExtentSimple ( int  rank,
const hsize_t current_size,
const hsize_t maximum_size = NULL 
) const

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ f_DataSpace_setId

void f_DataSpace_setId ( DataSpace dspace,
hid_t  new_id 

Field Documentation


const DataSpace& ALL

Default DataSpace objects.

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