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HDF5  1.15.0
API Reference
H5Idevelop.h File Reference
#include "H5Ipublic.h"
+ Include dependency graph for H5Idevelop.h:


typedef herr_t(* H5I_future_realize_func_t) (void *future_object, hid_t *actual_object_id)
typedef herr_t(* H5I_future_discard_func_t) (void *future_object)


hid_t H5Iregister_future (H5I_type_t type, const void *object, H5I_future_realize_func_t realize_cb, H5I_future_discard_func_t discard_cb)
 Registers a "future" object under a type and returns an ID for it. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ H5I_future_discard_func_t

typedef herr_t(* H5I_future_discard_func_t) (void *future_object)

The type of the discard_cb callback for H5Iregister_future

◆ H5I_future_realize_func_t

typedef herr_t(* H5I_future_realize_func_t) (void *future_object, hid_t *actual_object_id)

The type of the realize_cb callback for H5Iregister_future