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HDF5  1.15.0
API Reference
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H5FD_splitter_vfd_config_t Struct Reference

#include <src/H5FDsplitter.h>

Detailed Description

Configuration options for setting up the Splitter VFD

Data Fields

int32_t magic
unsigned int version
hid_t rw_fapl_id
hid_t wo_fapl_id
char wo_path [4096+1]
char log_file_path [4096+1]
hbool_t ignore_wo_errs

Field Documentation

◆ ignore_wo_errs

hbool_t ignore_wo_errs

Whether to ignore errors on the write-only channel

◆ log_file_path

char log_file_path[4096+1]

Path to the log file, which will be created on HDF5 file open (existing files will be clobbered). Can be NULL, in which case no logging output is generated.

◆ magic

int32_t magic

Magic number to identify this struct. Must be H5FD_SPLITTER_MAGIC.

◆ rw_fapl_id

hid_t rw_fapl_id

File-access property list for setting up the read/write channel. Can be H5P_DEFAULT.

◆ version

unsigned int version

Version number of this struct. Currently must be H5FD_CURR_SPLITTER_VFD_CONFIG_VERSION.

◆ wo_fapl_id

hid_t wo_fapl_id

File-access property list for setting up the read-only channel. The selected VFD must support the H5FD_FEAT_DEFAULT_VFD_COMPATIBLE flag. Can be H5P_DEFAULT.

◆ wo_path

char wo_path[4096+1]

Path to the write-only file

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