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HDF5  1.10.9-1
C-API Reference

This is the documentation set for HDF5. You can download it as a tgz archive for offline reading.

This is the documention set for HDF5 in terms of specifications and software developed and maintained by The HDF Group. It is impractical to document the entire HDF5 ecosystem in one place, and you should also consult the documentation sets of the many outstanding community projects.

For a first contact with HDF5, the best place is to have a look at the getting started page that shows you how to write and compile your first program with HDF5.

The main documentation is organized by documentation flavor. Most technical documentation consists to varying degrees of information related to tasks, concepts, or reference material. As its title suggests, the Reference Manual is 100% reference material, while the Cookbook is focused on tasks. The different guide-type documents cover a mix of tasks, concepts, and reference, to help a certain audience succeed.

Finally, do not miss the search engine (top right-hand corner)! If you are looking for a specific function, it'll take you there directly. If unsure, it'll give you an idea of what's on offer and a few promising leads.

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