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HDF5  1.10.9-1
C-API Reference
H5F_info2_t Struct Reference

#include <H5Fpublic.h>

Detailed Description

Current "global" information about file

Data Fields

struct {
   unsigned   version
   hsize_t   super_size
   hsize_t   super_ext_size
struct {
   unsigned   version
   hsize_t   meta_size
   hsize_t   tot_space
struct {
   unsigned   version
   hsize_t   hdr_size
   H5_ih_info_t   msgs_info

Field Documentation


struct { ... } free

◆ hdr_size

hsize_t hdr_size

Shared object header message header size

◆ meta_size

hsize_t meta_size

Free space manager metadata size

◆ msgs_info

H5_ih_info_t msgs_info

Shared object header message index & heap size


struct { ... } sohm


struct { ... } super

◆ super_ext_size

hsize_t super_ext_size

Superblock extension size

◆ super_size

hsize_t super_size

Superblock size

◆ tot_space

hsize_t tot_space

Amount of free space in the file

◆ version

unsigned version

Superblock version #

Version # of file free space management

Version # of shared object header info

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