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HDF5  1.12.1

Detailed Description

Property List Interface.

The HDF5 Property List Interface provides a mechanism to take advantage of more powerful or unusual features in HDF5.

HDF5 objects have properties or characteristics associated with them, and there are default properties that handle the most common needs. These default properties can be modified using the HDF5 Property List Interface. For example, the data storage layout property of a dataset is contiguous by default. For better performance, the layout can be modified to be chunked or chunked and compressed.

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 Attribute and Link Creation Properties
 Dataset Access Properties
 Dataset Creation Properties
 Dataset Transfer Properties
 File Access Properties
 File Creation Properties
 General Access Properties
 General Property List Operations
 General Property List Operations (Advanced)
 Group Creation Properties
 Link Access Properties
 Map Access Properties
 Object Copy Properties
 Object Creation Properties