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HDF5  1.8.23
C-API Reference
H5O_info_t Struct Reference

#include </tmp/hdf5-1.8.23/src/H5Opublic.h>

Detailed Description

Data model information struct for objects (For H5Oget_info(), H5Oget_info_by_name(), H5Oget_info_by_idx() version 3)

Data Fields

unsigned long fileno
haddr_t addr
H5O_type_t type
unsigned rc
time_t atime
time_t mtime
time_t ctime
time_t btime
hsize_t num_attrs
H5O_hdr_info_t hdr
struct {
   H5_ih_info_t   obj
   H5_ih_info_t   attr

Field Documentation

◆ addr

haddr_t addr

Object address in file

◆ atime

time_t atime

Access time

◆ attr

v2 B-tree & heap for attributes

◆ btime

time_t btime

Birth time

◆ ctime

time_t ctime

Change time

◆ fileno

unsigned long fileno

File number that object is located in

◆ hdr

Object header information


struct { ... } meta_size

Extra metadata storage for obj & attributes

◆ mtime

time_t mtime

Modification time

◆ num_attrs

hsize_t num_attrs

of attributes attached to object

◆ obj

v1/v2 B-tree & local/fractal heap for groups, B-tree for chunked datasets

◆ rc

unsigned rc

Reference count of object

◆ type

H5O_type_t type

Basic object type (group, dataset, etc.)

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