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Virtual Datasets (VDS)

New Feature Reference Documentation
The purpose of this page is to describe the changes made to HDF5 reference documents to support new features. The documents and the changes are listed below.
HDF5 File Format Specification The file format of the HDF5 Library has been changed to support the new features. This document describes how the bytes in an HDF5 file are organized on the storage media where the file is kept. In other words, when a file is written to disk, the file will be written according to the formats described in this file. The following sections have been added or changed:
  • Another version of the superblock was added.
  • Additional B-tree types were added to the version 2 B-trees.
  • The global heap block for virtual datasets was added.
  • The Data Layout Message was changed: the name was changed, and version 4 of the data layout message was added for the virtual type.
  • Additional types of indexes were added for dataset chunks.

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