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Building With CMake

A CTest script and platform configuration file can be used to simplify building with CMake. The following instructions are provided for this purpose.

If you need to build with more complex options, you may prefer to follow the instructions in the release_docs/ directory of the HDF5 source code.


Build Instructions

Please follow the instructions below for building.

Compiling an Application

A framework for building applications is provided below:

Uncompress the file and follow the instructions in the USING_CMake_Scripts.txt file for building an application.

The HDF5 Examples that are used in software testing use this framework. You can look at how the examples are compiled to see how to build your applications. The HDF5 Examples can be downloaded from here:

For building these or other applications, please refer to the instructions in the release_docs/ directory of the HDF5 source code:

In general, users must first set the HDF5_DIR environment variable to the installed location of the CMake configuration files for HDF5. For example, on Windows the following path might be set:

   HDF5_DIR=C:/Program Files/HDF_Group/HDF5/1.10.N/cmake

Look at find_package provided with the HDF5 examples for how to compile an application. Please be aware that FindHDF5.cmake is not provided by and cannot be fixed by The HDF Group.


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