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HDF5  1.15.0
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LinkAccPropList Class Reference

#include <c++/src/H5LaccProp.h>

Detailed Description

Class LinkAccPropList inherits from PropList and provides wrappers for the HDF5 link access property list.

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Public Member Functions

 LinkAccPropList ()
virtual H5std_string fromClass () const override
 Returns this class name.
 LinkAccPropList (const LinkAccPropList &original)
 LinkAccPropList (const hid_t plist_id)
void setNumLinks (size_t nlinks) const
size_t getNumLinks () const
virtual ~LinkAccPropList () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from PropList
 PropList (const hid_t plist_id)
PropListoperator= (const PropList &rhs)
bool operator== (const PropList &rhs) const
virtual void close () override
void closeClass () const
void copy (const PropList &like_plist)
void copyProp (PropList &dest, const char *name) const
void copyProp (PropList &dest, const H5std_string &name) const
void copyProp (PropList &dest, PropList &src, const char *name) const
void copyProp (PropList &dest, PropList &src, const H5std_string &name) const
hid_t getClass () const
H5std_string getClassName () const
PropList getClassParent () const
size_t getNumProps () const
void getProperty (const char *name, void *value) const
void getProperty (const H5std_string &name, void *value) const
H5std_string getProperty (const char *name) const
H5std_string getProperty (const H5std_string &name) const
void setProperty (const char *name, const char *charptr) const
void setProperty (const char *name, const void *value) const
void setProperty (const char *name, const H5std_string &strg) const
void setProperty (const H5std_string &name, const void *value) const
void setProperty (const H5std_string &name, const H5std_string &strg) const
void setProperty (const char *name, void *value) const
void setProperty (const char *name, H5std_string &strg) const
void setProperty (const H5std_string &name, void *value) const
void setProperty (const H5std_string &name, H5std_string &strg) const
size_t getPropSize (const char *name) const
size_t getPropSize (const H5std_string &name) const
bool isAClass (const PropList &prop_class) const
bool propExist (const char *name) const
 Query the existence of a property in a property object.
bool propExist (const H5std_string &name) const
void removeProp (const char *name) const
void removeProp (const H5std_string &name) const
 PropList ()
 PropList (const PropList &original)
virtual hid_t getId () const override
virtual ~PropList () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
void incRefCount (const hid_t obj_id) const
void incRefCount () const
void decRefCount (const hid_t obj_id) const
void decRefCount () const
int getCounter (const hid_t obj_id) const
int getCounter () const
H5I_type_t getHDFObjType () const
IdComponentoperator= (const IdComponent &rhs)
void setId (const hid_t new_id)
H5std_string inMemFunc (const char *func_name) const
virtual ~IdComponent ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void deleteConstants ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PropList
static void deleteConstants ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
static H5I_type_t getHDFObjType (const hid_t obj_id)
static hsize_t getNumMembers (H5I_type_t type)
static bool isValid (hid_t an_id)
static bool typeExists (H5I_type_t type)

Static Public Attributes

static const LinkAccPropListDEFAULT
 Default link access property list.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from PropList
static const PropListDEFAULT
 Default property list.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from PropList
virtual void p_setId (const hid_t new_id) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
 IdComponent ()
H5std_string p_get_file_name () const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from IdComponent
static bool p_valid_id (const hid_t obj_id)
- Protected Attributes inherited from PropList
hid_t id
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from IdComponent
static bool H5dontAtexit_called

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LinkAccPropList() [1/3]

◆ LinkAccPropList() [2/3]

LinkAccPropList ( const LinkAccPropList original)

◆ LinkAccPropList() [3/3]

LinkAccPropList ( const hid_t  plist_id)

◆ ~LinkAccPropList()

virtual ~LinkAccPropList ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ deleteConstants()

static void deleteConstants ( )

◆ fromClass()

virtual H5std_string fromClass ( ) const

Returns this class name.

Reimplemented from PropList.

Reimplemented in DSetAccPropList.

◆ getNumLinks()

size_t getNumLinks ( ) const

◆ setNumLinks()

void setNumLinks ( size_t  nlinks) const

Field Documentation


const LinkAccPropList& DEFAULT

Default link access property list.

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