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HDF5  1.15.0
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Functions with No Access Property List Parameter that May Generate Metadata Reads

Currently there are several operations in HDF5 that can issue metadata reads from the metadata cache, but that take no property list. It is therefore not possible to set a collective requirement individually for those operations. The only solution with the HDF5 1.10.0 release is to set the collective requirement globally on H5Fopen() or H5Fcreate() for all metadata operations to be collective.

The following is a list of those functions in the HDF5 library. This list is integral to the discussion in the H5Pset_all_coll_metadata_ops() entry:

H5Awrite(), H5Aread(), H5Arename(), H5Aiterate2(), H5Adelete(), H5Aexists()

H5Dget_space_status(), H5Dget_storage_size(), H5Dset_extent(), H5Ddebug(), H5Dclose(), H5Dget_create_plist(), H5Dget_space() (for virtual datasets)

H5Gget_create_plist(), H5Gget_info(), H5Gclose()

H5Literate(), H5Lvisit()

H5Rcreate(), H5Rdereference2() (for object references), H5Rget_region(), H5Rget_obj_type2(), H5Rget_name()

H5Ocopy(), H5Oopen_by_addr(), H5Oincr_refcount(), H5Odecr_refcount(), H5Oget_info(), H5Oset_comment(), H5Ovisit()

H5Fis_hdf5(), H5Fflush(), H5Fclose(), H5Fget_file_image(), H5Freopen(), H5Fget_freespace(), H5Fget_info2(), H5Fget_free_sections(), H5Fmount(), H5Funmount()


H5Tget_create_plist(), H5Tclose()


In addition, most deprecated functions fall into this category.

The HDF Group may address the above limitation in a future major release, but no decision has been made at this time. Such a change might, for example, include adding new versions of some or all the above functions with an extra property list parameter to allow an individual setting for the collective calling requirement.

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