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HDF5  1.15.0
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H5FD_subfiling_config_t Struct Reference

#include <src/H5FDsubfiling/H5FDsubfiling.h>

Detailed Description

Configuration structure for H5Pset_fapl_subfiling() / H5Pget_fapl_subfiling()

H5FD_subfiling_config_t is a public structure that is used to pass subfiling configuration data to the H5FD_SUBFILING driver via a File Access Property List. A pointer to an instance of this structure is a parameter to H5Pset_fapl_subfiling() and H5Pget_fapl_subfiling().

+ Collaboration diagram for H5FD_subfiling_config_t:

Data Fields

uint32_t magic
uint32_t version
hid_t ioc_fapl_id
bool require_ioc
H5FD_subfiling_params_t shared_cfg

Field Documentation

◆ ioc_fapl_id

hid_t ioc_fapl_id

The File Access Property List which is setup with the file driver that the H5FD_SUBFILING driver will use for servicing I/O requests to the subfiles. Currently, the File Access Property List must be setup with the H5FD_IOC driver by calling H5Pset_fapl_ioc(), but future development may allow other file drivers to be used.

◆ magic

uint32_t magic

A somewhat unique number which distinguishes the H5FD_SUBFILING driver from other drivers. Used in combination with a version number, it can help to validate a user-generated File Access Property List. This field should be set to H5FD_SUBFILING_FAPL_MAGIC.

◆ require_ioc

bool require_ioc

A boolean flag which indicates whether the H5FD_SUBFILING driver should use the H5FD_IOC driver for its I/O operations. This field should currently always be set to true.

◆ shared_cfg

A structure which contains the subfiling parameters that are shared between the H5FD_SUBFILING and H5FD_IOC drivers. This includes the subfile stripe size, stripe count, IOC selection method, etc.

◆ version

uint32_t version

Version number of the H5FD_subfiling_config_t structure. Any instance passed to H5Pset_fapl_subfiling() / H5Pget_fapl_subfiling() must have a recognized version number or an error will be raised. Currently, this field should be set to H5FD_SUBFILING_CURR_FAPL_VERSION.

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