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HDF5  1.15.0
API Reference
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H5G_info_t Struct Reference

#include <src/H5Gpublic.h>

Detailed Description

Information struct for group for H5Gget_info(), H5Gget_info_by_name(), and H5Gget_info_by_idx()

Data Fields

H5G_storage_type_t storage_type
hsize_t nlinks
int64_t max_corder
hbool_t mounted

Field Documentation

◆ max_corder

int64_t max_corder

Current max. creation order value for group

◆ mounted

hbool_t mounted

Whether group has a file mounted on it

◆ nlinks

hsize_t nlinks

Number of links in group

◆ storage_type

H5G_storage_type_t storage_type

Type of storage for links in group

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