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HDF5  1.10.9-1
C-API Reference
H5FD_splitter_vfd_config_t Struct Reference

#include <H5FDsplitter.h>

Data Fields

int32_t magic
unsigned int version
hid_t rw_fapl_id
hid_t wo_fapl_id
char wo_path [4096+1]
char log_file_path [4096+1]
hbool_t ignore_wo_errs

Field Documentation

◆ ignore_wo_errs

hbool_t ignore_wo_errs

◆ log_file_path

char log_file_path[4096+1]

◆ magic

int32_t magic

◆ rw_fapl_id

hid_t rw_fapl_id

◆ version

unsigned int version

◆ wo_fapl_id

hid_t wo_fapl_id

◆ wo_path

char wo_path[4096+1]

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