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HDF5  1.8.23
C-API Reference
H5A_info_t Struct Reference

#include </tmp/hdf5-1.8.23/src/H5Apublic.h>

Detailed Description

Information struct for H5Aget_info() / H5Aget_info_by_idx()

Data Fields

hbool_t corder_valid
H5O_msg_crt_idx_t corder
H5T_cset_t cset
hsize_t data_size

Field Documentation

◆ corder

Creation order

◆ corder_valid

hbool_t corder_valid

Indicate if creation order is valid

◆ cset

H5T_cset_t cset

Character set of attribute name

◆ data_size

hsize_t data_size

Size of raw data

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